Ever Feel Unmotivated?

To be honest, I have been asking myself what is the big picture and if the things that I am doing day to day..are they getting me to the place I want to be.  Honestly, for a while I have gotten lazy.  I haven’t been keeping up with working out, keeping my apartment clean and organized, or taking the time to write, which I told myself I was going to.  This past weekend, I started to pick myself out of this funk and dragged myself to the gym and cleaned my entire house on a Saturday.  Ever get in this funk yourself?

Today during a meeting at work, the presenters had us watch motivational videos one of which was one titled, “Retrain your Mind” from Mel Robbins.  Now I understand how cheesy this sounds asking you to watch a video and that it will change how you think, or that it will retrain your mind.  But I would not suggest something that I did not believe in.  If you are in a phase in your life where you are unmotivated or unsure of what the next steps are, watch this video and really listen to what is being said.

My favorite line in the video is, “It is your job to push yourself.”  Again, it sounds cheesy; but it is true.  Although people around you and other factors may inspire or persuade it is only you who can push yourself to reach your goals and crush them.  It is your job to take the steps needed to get you to who you want to be and where you want to be.

I have added a link to take you to the video.  Feel free to leave comments on how it impacted you!  🙂

Retrain Your Mind

“It is your job to push yourself”

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